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Meet the Iris women of DefenderXpress

Meet the Iris women of DefenderXpress

09 May 2023

Meet the Iris  women of DefenderXpress: Empowering Women in the  Security Service Industry
DefenderXpress is more than just a service marketplace, it's a community of skilled and capable individuals, who provide a variety of security services to customers. Among these individuals, we have a group of dedicated and hardworking women, who are breaking barriers and making a name for themselves in the security service industry.
These women, known as the Iris women of DefenderXpress, are not only skilled in their respective trades, but they are also breaking down stereotypes and proving that women can be just as capable and competent as men in the security service industry.

Their name was given as to represent the qualities of the Iris flower as follow:

 Iris flower is considered as a representation of wisdom, elegance, faith, and royal happenings in life. The flower is known for its flawless beauty, attractive colors, and different varieties. Irises also signify charm, purity, ecstasy, and compassion. When words are not enough to convey your deepest message of faith, hope, and admiration; Irises will do the needful for you. This unique and elegant bloom symbolizes royalty and new beginnings. In the language of flowers, Iris flower also symbolizes passion, determination, and relentless hope to fight adversities.

From airplane marshalls and female bodyguards to store detectives and paramedics, these women have a wide range of skills and expertise. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to their customers and are committed to their craft.